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The NAIOP Research Foundation helps build better communities through practical research and education. The Foundation's research projects, educational programs and outreach activities have a united purpose: to support developers, owners and others involved in commercial real estate in meeting and exceeding the needs and expectations of our communities, now and in the future.

Research Reports

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Profiles in the Evolution of Suburban Office Parks

Many suburban office parks in North America are now functionally obsolete due to their location, layout or limited amenities. The NAIOP Research Foundation commissioned this report to identify ways that firms are revitalizing suburban office parks through redevelopment, rehabilitation and adaptive reuse. The author interviewed five developers who have recently updated suburban office parks in the United States and Canada to learn how they made these properties relevant for today’s market.

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Addressing the Workforce Skills Gap in Construction and CRE-related Trades

A shortage of construction and logistics workers has increased the cost of construction for developers and hampered the expansion and profitability of warehouse and distribution centers. The NAIOP Research Foundation commissioned this report to explore some of the contributing factors to the workforce shortage and how the construction and logistics industries can improve worker recruitment, training, productivity and retention. The author interviewed several national and regional workforce development program leaders to learn about their partnerships with industry to recruit and train the next generation of construction and logistics workers.

Creating a Private Equity Fund White Paper

Creating a Private Equity Fund: A Guide for Real Estate Professionals

Setting up a private equity fund can be a big and confusing step for many real estate professionals. To help demystify private equity fund formation and operation, the NAIOP Research Foundation commissioned this white paper. It is geared toward those who have limited familiarity with the process and want to learn the basics. The authors provide step-by-step guidance, along with an example of a fund waterfall and a case study of how one company successfully used a series of private equity funds to seek out opportunities during the financial crisis when other sources of funds were limited.

NAIOP Industrial Demand Forecast 3Q 2019

Industrial Space Demand Forecast

The Industrial Space Demand Forecast for the U.S. is issued quarterly by NAIOP and is based on an accurate model. The Forecast assists developers and investors to make more prudent decisions about the timing of new development projects. The white paper includes a full description of the methodology behind the forecast.

Economic Impacts of Commercial Real Estate

Economic Impacts of Commercial Real Estate, 2019 Edition

Development and construction of new commercial real estate in the United States – office, industrial, warehouse and retail – generates significant economic growth at the state and national levels. This annual study, “The Economic Impacts of Commercial Real Estate,” published by the NAIOP Research Foundation, measures the contribution to GDP, salaries and wages generated and jobs supported from the development and operations of commercial real estate.

Economic Impacts of Commercial Real Estate in Canada

Economic Impacts of Commercial Real Estate in Canada, 2018 Edition

The main purpose of this report is to quantify the economic impact of commercial real estate investment in Canada, with a specific focus on estimating the impact tied to investment in the country’s largest Census Metropolitan Areas.


Beacons and Sensors in Commercial Real Estate

Business owners can efficiently track inventory, improve space utilization, lower operating expenses, enhance customers’ experiences and tighten security by deploying digital sensing devices that make use of radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags, Wi-Fi and smartphones. These devices, known generally as beacons and sensors, are nothing new in commercial properties; the ability to control temperature, track inventory and send advertising messages to shoppers through their smartphones has become commonplace.

This brief provides an overview of some of the ways that simple, tiny, affordable and ubiquitous sensors are being used in commercial real estate settings. It addresses radio-frequency identification, geofencing, beacon technology, and WELL™ and RESET™ technologies, and it concludes with the broader challenges associated with using networked digital data-collection systems.

Office Space Demand 2Q19 Cover

Office Space Demand Forecast

The NAIOP Office Space Demand Forecast gives an efficient, accurate forecast of future and current conditions in the U.S. office real estate market for use by NAIOP members and the real estate community. The report helps to define linkages between economic and industrial sector activity and the demand for office real estate.

Office Property and Big Data Puzzle

The Office Property and Big Data Puzzle: Putting the Pieces Together

The use of big data offers great potential, while it also presents challenges. This white paper seeks to define big data and to identify some of the obstacles and opportunities associated with it in the context of managing office properties. It includes a general overview of the topic as well as examples of how property managers are collecting and analyzing data within their office properties.

Activating Office Building Common Spaces

Activating Office Building Common Spaces for Competitive Advantage

To remain competitive and accelerate lease up, office building owners are enlivening their buildings with common area amenities and programming.

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