Research Reports

NAIOP’s latest research reports address how real properties, particularly office, industrial and mixed-use properties, impact and benefit communities throughout North America. These reports disseminate research findings for individuals and organizations engaged in real estate development, investment and operations to plan and develop better communities.


How is development expected to change as the industry re-accelerates?

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Find out how commercial real estate contributes to the United States economy. Also the effect that the economy has on CRE.

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Look beyond the spreadsheet, at the fundamentals and forces that dictate how properties obtain financing.

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Inside information about how industrial is evolving to serve the global marketplace.

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Infrastructure provides the critical networks that deliver goods from manufacturer to consumer – and could hold additional opportunities for CRE development.

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Learn how logistics companies think, and why they locate distribution centers where they do.

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Marketing Leasing

Explore tenant recruiting/retaining best practices, and strategies that quickly lead to fully leased properties.

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Understand current thinking about how to develop a financially successful mixed-use project.

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What effect does a jobless recovery have on the offices in which we work?

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No type of real estate is changing faster than retail. What does the future hold for brick-and-mortar?

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Opportunity and challenge go hand-in-glove with redevelopment. Master the skills, reap the rewards.

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Space Demand

What will drive demand and how will those drivers impact location decisions?

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A body of knowledge is emerging about what tenants really want.

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