We asked some of our Governors and Visionaries: How do you see current discussions on trade impacting your business decisions?

“Rent, labor and material costs in Nashville have been rising for some time now, and the escalating tariff policies have continued that trend. While these cost increases might cause developers to be a bit more cautious, the demand for office and industrial space in Nashville has continued to grow, and there is no shortage of speculative projects in the pipeline.”

Lewis Agnew


Lewis Agnew, CCIM
Chas. Hawkins Co., Inc./CORFAC International
Nashville, Tennessee



“Over the last 6 months, the new tariffs and trade policy restrictions have not had a material impact on whether or not Ryan Companies invest in a given U.S. market or new development product type, however, these policies are very much impacting the farmers of the Midwest by reducing worldwide prices for corn and soybeans and hence reducing demand for agriculture-related products (tractors, equipment, etc.) This will certainly have a ripple effect for specific categories of industrial development projects in the Heartland of the U.S. where demand for new plant expansion or new farm equipment production locations will decrease.”

Collin Barr


Collin Barr
Regional President
Ryan Companies US, Inc.
Minneapolis, Minnesota