The Dynamic Role of NAIOP’s Distinguished Fellows

Mark Eppli, Ph.D., interviews Gary Anderson, Prologis’ CEO for Europe and Asia, at I.CON ’18.

Mark Eppli, Ph.D., interviews Gary Anderson, Prologis’ CEO for Europe and Asia, at I.CON ’18.

The Distinguished Fellows program, supported by the NAIOP Research Foundation, engages North America’s foremost experts in commercial real estate, economic and public policy, helping to create a link between research and practice by allowing academics and industry leaders to exchange ideas. Distinguished Fellows contribute articles to NAIOP’s Development magazine, present to the association’s leadership via the board of directors and National Forums, participate on Corporate committees and provide feedback and guidance regarding research being conducted by the Foundation.

“The Distinguished Fellows play a critical role in bridging the gap between commercial real estate practitioners and academia,” said Marc Selvitelli, CAE, executive director of the NAIOP Research Foundation. “These thought leaders provide valuable insights and industry knowledge through their active participation in the program. We’re grateful for their countless contributions to NAIOP at the local and Corporate levels.”

Distinguished Fellows may be nominated by NAIOP chapter presidents and members of the Corporate board of directors, and applications are reviewed each fall by the Distinguished Fellows Credentialing Committee. Candidates must possess an advanced degree in a real estate-related field; work full-time in research or academia; and have published articles, books or research findings.

There are currently 13 Distinguished Fellows representing universities in the U.S. and Canada. The following are highlights of some of the Distinguished Fellows’ activities with NAIOP over the past year.

Jan deRoos, Ph.D., Cornell University, and Shaun Bond, Ph.D., University of Cincinnati, authored a two-part article for Development magazine entitled How to Set Up a Private Equity Real Estate Fund. Bond is also a member of the NAIOP Research Foundation Research Committee.

David Dale-Johnson, Ph.D., University of Alberta taught a NAIOP Investment Analysis Course in Edmonton in March 2018 and has been working with NAIOP Edmonton to establish a mentorship program with Developing Leaders and students with the University of Alberta’s real estate program. He also advised Alberta School of Business students in the third annual “NAIOP Battle of Alberta” real estate development challenge.

Mark Eppli, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison interviewed Gary Anderson, Prologis’ CEO for Europe and Asia, for the keynote at I.CON ’18: The Industrial Conference in Jersey City, New Jersey. Eppli was also the sole presenter at NAIOP Chicago’s 2018 Forecast meeting, and spoke at the NAIOP Wisconsin meeting, “Bulls or Bubbles: What’s Next for the Industry?”

C. Kat Grimsley, Ph.D., George Mason University authored two NAIOP Market Share blog posts, Accommodating Autonomous Vehicles in the Built Environment and Smart Cities and the Built Environment. Grimsley presented at the 2018 National Forums Symposium in New York City.

Josh Harris, Ph.D., New York University spoke to several groups at NAIOP National Forums Symposium 2018 and continues to co-author the NAIOP Industrial Space Demand Forecast and NAIOP Office Space Demand Forecast.

Vivek Sah, Ph.D., University of Las Vegas, coordinated a partnership between NAIOP Southern Nevada and the LIED Institute for Real Estate Studies at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, to host the annual Commercial Real Estate Summit in January 2019 in Las Vegas.

Danny Wall, University of Utah has been active with NAIOP Utah, including sponsoring real estate program students to attend the NAIOP Utah Commercial Real Estate Symposium and hosting joint breakfast meetings at the University of Utah campus.

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