Development Magazine Summer 2018

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Coworking Spaces With Child Care Services 

A new type of coworking center is emerging to meet the needs of parents with part-time or flexible work schedules and child care needs.

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What Lies Ahead for Commercial Real Estate, Part 2 

A look at some of the trends presenting challenges and creating opportunities for CRE.

semi-automated parking

Automated Parking Comes to the US 

While automated parking facilities are commonplace in Germany, Japan and China, they are gaining momentum in North America.

automation levels

Transitioning Toward the Autonomous Vehicle 

Partially automated cars are already here, and will soon begin to have major impacts on commercial real estate, particularly parking infrastructure.

From the Archives: Business / Trends Articles from the Previous Issue

last-mile facility

Industrial Real Estate 2018: Disruptions and Structural Shifts 

Supply chain advances and new technologies are affecting how, where and what types of industrial facilities are being built.


Robotic Furniture 

North American developers are animating small spaces with architectural robotics.