Development Magazine Summer 2017

NAIOP's 50th Anniversary

By: Sheila Kelly Vertino, former editor-in-chief of Development magazine and a freelance writer. Thomas J. Bisacquino, president and CEO; Margarita Foster, vice president, knowledge and research; Kathryn Hamilton, vice president, marketing and communications; and Julie D. Stern, managing editor, Development magazine, contributed to this article.

NAIOP celebrates 50 years of advocacy, education and professional excellence.

Other Features In This Issue
LBJ Express project

Innovative Financing For Roads and Highways

New approaches are needed to fix an old problem.      

Deloitte The Edge

Beyond 72 Degrees and Sunny Inside: Optimizing the Indoor Work Environment

The conversation about indoor environments is changing as tenants leverage new technologies to support employee productivity.      

Black Hawk College Health Science Center

The Future of Family-owned CRE Businesses

How can family-owned businesses stay competitive in the commercial real estate industry?      

Museum of the American Revolution

The Challenges Of Bringing a Museum to Market

Museum development requires collaboration among designers, contractors and museum operators.      

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