Development Magazine Spring 2017


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Why Investors Are Flocking to Student Housing 

Purpose-built student housing has matured into an institutionally acceptable asset class.

dynamic parking pricing

Maximizing Revenue Through Dynamic Parking Pricing 

Sensors, software and apps make dynamic pricing feasible — and profitable.

Office Building

The Property Life Cycle: Planning for Effective Cost Segregation Strategies 

New regulations create more cost segregation complexities and opportunities, making tax planning more complicated.

From the Archives: Finance Articles from the Previous Issue

US industrial vacancy rates 2002-2016 graph

Industrial Real Estate Fundamentals and Investment Outperformance 

Why is industrial real estate so attractive to the capital markets, and why is it outperforming other types of real estate investments?

debt maturing chart clip

Big Changes Yet to Come from Basel III and Dodd-Frank 

New regulations are constraining construction lending and testing the long-term viability of the CMBS market.