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reinventing mall experience

Reinventing the Mall Shopping Experience 

A shopping center owner uses digital technology to transform a traditional retail center into a vibrant community hub.


Creating New Housing Units From Thin Air 

San Francisco has passed legislation that enables the development of accessory dwelling units in previously underused parts of existing multifamily buildings.


Ambient Scenting and Commercial Real Estate 

Retailers, shopping centers, hotels and even hospitals are using scent to enhance the user experience and improve their bottom line.

person typing on laptop

Space as a Service 

As work becomes more flexible, so will the workplace.

commercial edible gardens

The Rise of Commercial Edible Garden Beds 

Incorporating agriculture into office and industrial parks can provide multiple benefits for developers, property owners and tenants, including expedited development approvals.

urban residential development

Ride-hailing Becomes a CRE Amenity 

Transportation demand management strategies, which increasingly include ride-hailing services, have evolved from a negotiating tool to an amenity.

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NAIOP's 50th Anniversary 

NAIOP celebrates 50 years of advocacy, education and professional excellence.

1970s icon

Five Decades of CRE and NAIOP 

A Timeline of Key Industry and Advocacy Events