Development Magazine Winter 2016/2017

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distribution center

Industrial Trends To Watch 

The marriage of retail and industrial real estate continues to disrupt the warehouse and distribution center industry.

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Key Commercial Real Estate Roles in 2025 

Many existing jobs will disappear and new roles will emerge within CRE companies over the next decade.

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Measuring Office Leasing Momentum 

A momentum index uses demographic, economic and property-related indicators to rank metro markets.

e-commerce retailer

Tackling E-commerce's "Last Mile" Warehouse Networks 

Chicago, New Jersey and Los Angeles are well-positioned to lead the nation in establishing state-of-the-art last-mile warehousing networks.

NAIOP terms definitions

Updating CRE Terms and Definitions 

As the commercial real estate industry evolves, so do the terms used to describe it.

From the Archives: Business / Trends Articles from the Previous Issue

Addison Circle urban-style streetscape

City Streetscapes Arrive in the Suburbs 

Suburban municipalities are using mixed-use planning and the classic walkable urban street grid to create lively new downtowns.

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Are You 5G Future Ready? 

In the next five years, 5G connectivity will go from being a desirable amenity to a market necessity.

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