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Addison Circle urban-style streetscape

City Streetscapes Arrive in the Suburbs 

Suburban municipalities are using mixed-use planning and the classic walkable urban street grid to create lively new downtowns.

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Are You 5G Future Ready? 

In the next five years, 5G connectivity will go from being a desirable amenity to a market necessity.

automated guided vehicles

Automation at the Port of Long Beach 

Automated cranes and vehicles are loading and unloading mega-ships at one of the world’s most technologically advanced marine terminals.

white ceiling antenna

Can You Hear Me Now? 

Distributed antenna systems improve cellphone reception within office buildings.

report cover

Economic Impacts of CRE Development Reach $450 Billion in 2015 

Updated economic multipliers reflect more technology and fewer workers.

Mercedes autonomous car

Impacts of Autonomous and Driverless Cars on CRE 

Will tomorrow’s autonomous and driverless cars require some simple adjustments or be a game changer for commercial real estate?

report cover

Innovation District Planning and Development 

A recent NAIOP research report explores the factors leading to the success of these unique development projects as well as the challenges they must overcome.

mobile design studio

Mobile Design Studio 

A mobile studio can be set up almost anywhere, enabling architects to work efficiently on-site, speeding up the design process.

Two businessmen looking at laptop

Think Before You Sync 

Some simple strategies can ensure that unauthorized file sharing will not put your firm at risk.

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interior view of a men's clothing store

The Rise of Experiential Retail 

The brick-and-mortar stores, malls and shopping districts that are thriving in today’s omnichannel retail world offer hands-on, authentic experiences.

person typing on laptop

Attracting and Retaining Tech Talent 

Real estate companies are finding it difficult to hire and keep IT and other tech employees.