Development Magazine Summer 2015

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Intermodal Hubs and the Industrial Real Estate Boom 

As state-of-the-art intermodal hubs emerge throughout North America, industrial developers are racing to build new facilities nearby.

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The View From E.CON: E-commerce Real Estate Evolves 

The world of e-commerce continues to change rapidly, with huge implications for commercial real estate.

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Construction Materials Price Trends 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics now issues five producer price indexes each month that track the cost of new nonresidential (warehouse, office, industrial, school and health care) buildings. All of these indexes rose at annual rates of 7 percent or more in the 2006-2009 period.

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Driverless Trucks 

The first impacts of autonomous trucks may be on warehouses, not highways.

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Exploring the New Sharing Economy 

The “sharing economy” is impacting businesses, communities, individuals and the built environment around the globe.

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Oil Prices and Commercial Real Estate 

Will lower oil prices have a positive impact on CRE?

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The Outlook for East Coast Ports 

A surge in activity at East Coast ports may come more from disruptions at West Coast ports than from the Panama Canal expansion.

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ACRE Paves Path to Success for Minorities 

A recently revived diversity program, Associates in Commercial Real Estate, prepares Milwaukee-area students for careers in commercial real estate.

From the Archives: Business / Trends Articles from the Previous Issue

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Changing Workforce Demographics 

The millennial influence has enormous, unique implications for work styles and workspaces.

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Closing the Gender Diversity Gap 

Mentoring may be the key to closing the gender diversity leadership gap in commercial real estate.