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statue of liberty painted on an elevator door

Elevator Shaft Art in NYC 

Vertical art galleries in three newly repositioned Midtown South office buildings were designed to attract TAMI tenants.

greenhouse with marijuana plants

Marijuana and Real Estate 

Many issues, including the lack of access to banking facilities for marijuana retailers and growers, create complications for landlords.

Office Building

Transformative Mediation: A Better Way to Deal With an Unhappy Tenant  

Mediation offers a productive way for commercial property owners to address issues with unhappy tenants.

2011 Guide to Architects Contractors Engineers

NAIOP's 2015 Guide to Architects, Engineers and Contractors 

Looking for an architect, contractor, or engineer for your next redevelopment project? The NAIOP guide in this issue lists dozens of firms throughout North America.

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interior office space

Is the Corner Office a Dying Breed? 

The corporate office environment is undergoing a facelift that is threatening the future of the traditional workplace’s most sought after real estate: the corner office.

exterior view of retail and office space

Mixed-Use Building Rises on Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall 

PearlWest has attracted new office and retail tenants to downtown Boulder, Colorado, even before its completion.