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10 Tips for Growing a Private, Non-Family-Owned Business 

What does it take to nurture and grow a private, non-family commercial real estate development company? Brian Coulter, managing partner at The JBG Companies, a prominent investor, owner, developer and manager of real estate properties in the Washington, D.C, metropolitan area, described how his firm handles these challenges, at NAIOP’s Development '13 conference.

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Back to the City: Déjà Vu All Over Again 

Through the rearview mirror of 2013, the demographic preferences that are shaping real estate’s future are coming into clear view: The emerging millennial generation is creating a strong “back to the city” movement, with the baby boomer generation as its partner.

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By the Numbers: Big Metros Get Bigger, Some Get Younger 

After reading the 2014 Spring issue’s cover story on changing corporate environments, we were inspired to ask whether the nation’s largest metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) have experienced significant changes in their working-age populations. The map and table shows what we found.

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New Chicago Group Works to Enhance City's Position as Logistics Hub 

From a geographical and infrastructure perspective, Chicago is the foremost transportation/logistics hub in the country. But the city’s leaders, from Mayor Rahm Emanuel on down, do not like to take anything for granted, so they have formed a new group called Supply Chain Innovation Network of Chicago to help the city and surrounding areas maintain and grow their logistics position.

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San Francisco’s High-Tech Parking Management System 

Downtown traffic congestion is reaching serious levels in most major cities, but technology and smartphone apps are coming to the rescue — and just might make dramatic impacts on traffic volume and how we hunt for parking spaces. A case in point is the San Francisco Metropolitan Transportation Agency, which just completed and is evaluating the results of a pilot study, the SFpark program.

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State and Local Taxes Pose a Growing Risk for the Real Estate Industry 

Historically, state and local taxes on commercial real estate developments and their managers and investors have been fairly straightforward. Obviously, real property taxes and, in some cases, personal property taxes applied to these projects. Property managers rarely considered sales and use taxes, since real estate construction and related services usually were not taxable.

From the Archives: Business / Trends Articles from the Previous Issue

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E-Commerce Comes of Age 

Retailing today is undergoing profound and rapid change, as sellers reconfigure and reconcile their brick-and-mortar stores with their online presence. Surviving and thriving through this transition will require integration among communications technology, customer preferences regarding service and delivery, retail and industrial buildings, transportation modes, and logistics and inventory systems.

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Social Media and Commercial Real Estate: Strategies to Grow Your Business and Build Your Brand 

Social media has created a momentous shift in how we communicate with one other. It has become the great digital equalizer; small and large companies alike can build their brands, expand their businesses and connect with their clients online via social media outlets.