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E-Commerce Comes of Age 

Retailing today is undergoing profound and rapid change, as sellers reconfigure and reconcile their brick-and-mortar stores with their online presence. Surviving and thriving through this transition will require integration among communications technology, customer preferences regarding service and delivery, retail and industrial buildings, transportation modes, and logistics and inventory systems.

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Social Media and Commercial Real Estate: Strategies to Grow Your Business and Build Your Brand 

Social media has created a momentous shift in how we communicate with one other. It has become the great digital equalizer; small and large companies alike can build their brands, expand their businesses and connect with their clients online via social media outlets.

a multitenant logistics park and warehouse in Brazil

Brazil Experiences Strong Demand for Logistics Parks 

As the Brazilian economy continues to grow, the logistical warehouse sector is seeing unprecedented growth. Not even the slowdown in the Brazilian economy, including GDP growth of a meager 1 percent in 2012, is slowing the demand for warehouse space in Brazil.

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By The Numbers: E-Commerce and Retail Data 

Graphs and tables illustrating U.S. online retail sales by category, e-commerce impacts of smartphones and tablets, and e-commerce sales as a portion of total U.S. reatil sales.

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Five Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Property Insurance 

As a business owner, you expect to increase profits, grow market share and continue climbing the ladder of success. Every vendor a company utilizes plays a part in that success or failure. When it comes to risk management, how is your insurance broker bringing value to your business? Unfortunately, many insured parties are unable to answer this question.

cover of the 2013 NAIOP Compensation Report

Recruiting and Retaining Employees Remain Priorities in 2013 

What’s on the minds of commercial real estate CEOs today? Recruiting, employee retention and “talent management,” says the “2013 NAIOP Commercial Real Estate Compensation Survey,” completed in partnership with CEL & Associates, Inc.

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Effective Workplaces Survey 

“U.S. workers are struggling to work effectively. A confluence of factors, from economic challenges to longer workdays, is compromising the ability to get work done.” So concludes Gensler’s “2013 U.S. Workplace Survey,” which represents the responses of 2,035 randomly sampled knowledge workers worldwide. How can developers, architects, and employers better design work-places to drive innovation, improve performance, and increase satisfaction, given new workplace realities? The report offers some tantalizing suggestions.

aerial view of Alliance Texas

Four Trends Spurring Growth of Inland Ports 

Inland ports that serve the Midwest and other interior sections of the country should continue to experience strong growth in the future, according to Curtis Magleby, senior managing director and regional head, U.S. Capital Markets West, for Cushman & Wakefield; Michael Berry, president of Hillwood Properties; and Stephen Crosby, president of CSX Real Property, all of whom spoke at NAIOP’s I.con: The Industrial Conference in Los Angeles in June.