On-demand Courses FAQ

Is there a required live component to the on-demand courses?

Can I share this on-demand course with anyone else?

What is required to receive credit/proof of attendance for an on-demand course?

Will I have instant access to all course materials upon registration?

How do I access the course materials?

Are the course materials accessed through the NAIOP website?

Can I access and view the recordings and materials on an iPad, iPhone, iPod or other iOS device?

Do I have to view the modules in order?

How long do I have to complete the on-demand course?

Can I repeat a module?

Do on-demand courses count towards the Certificate Programs?

Can I retake the assessment/test?

How do I ask a question?

How do I receive my proof of attendance upon completion of the on-demand course?

I’m having problems accessing the on-demand course.

What program do I need in order to view the recordings?