Reimbursement Policy

Complete the Travel Reimbursement Form  and return it to NAIOP by Friday, March 28.

  • Attendees who have been pre-approved by their chapter board will be reimbursed for hotel and travel (per the noted travel regulation). Medium and large chapters can have up to five (5) approved attendees and small chapters can have up to four (4) approved attendees for reimbursement. Chapter size designations will be determined on the date conference registration opens (December 2, 2019).
  • Session/event attendance at CL&LR will determine the attendee’s deductible. The following are eligible to be counted toward reimbursement: (1) All concurrent sessions; (2) Leadership Exchange for Chapter Leaders; (3) Canadian Chapter Session; (4) National Committee Meeting; (5) Capitol Hill visits (two visits count as one option); (6) Participation in a strategic planning focus group (invitation only).
    • $375 deductible – attend a minimum of four options
    • $500 deductible – attend a minimum of three options 
  • Attendees who fail to meet the minimum attendance requirements for the two deductible options will not be reimbursed for hotel and travel expenses.
  • Corporate Board members who have been pre-approved by their chapters to represent their chapter at CL&LR will be eligible for a $375 deductible if they attend a minimum of three options.
  • All attendees must sign in to breakout sessions to receive credit for attendance. To receive credit for Capitol Hill visits, return Capitol Hill feedback forms to Beth Gulding. These forms are available at the Retreat and online .
  • Airline tickets must be coach fare and nonrefundable with a 21-day advance purchase. Tickets within a 21-day window will be reimbursed at the average 21-day fare for that route. Attendees should utilize alternative local airports (IAD, DCA or BWI) if by doing so the airfare savings is $300 or more. If a flight is greater than 1,000 miles, an attendee should use connections if the savings from doing so is $300 or greater. NAIOP will not reimburse for travel insurance, seat or class upgrades, airfare “add-ons” or airport parking fees or transportation to/from airports. NAIOP will reimburse for one checked bag per attendee.
  • Attendees driving to the conference will be reimbursed mileage at the published IRS reimbursement rate and all related tolls. Reimbursement will not be given for parking expenses.
  • Chapter Executives are approved for three hotel nights at the contracted room rate (including taxes). Other chapter leaders/participants are approved for two nights at the contracted room rate (including taxes).
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