Unblocking the Liquidity Logjam

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Release Date: January 2010
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Could you take a pool of risk-willing fresh capital, target commercial loans and REOs in the $10-100 million range, and quickly return above-market yields to your investors?

That's the proposition that SilverLeaf Financial makes. Hear CEO Shane Baldwin describe a business model that aspires to:

  • Maintain a constant flow of performing and non-performing, first position loan pools from the FDIC and other institutions.
  • Buy at discounted values.
  • Aggressively remonitize through restructuring, refinanacing, or a foreclosure and sale of associated collateralized property.
  • Promptly return investor capital at an above market yield.

And then listen as Deanna Polizzo, Vice President, NorthMarq Capital, probes to find out how successful the approach has been, and where the company will look for future opportunities.

Presented by: Shane Baldwin, CEO, SilverLeaf Financial and Deanna Polizzo, Vice President, NorthMarq Capital