Navigating the Treacherous CMBS Landscape

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Release Date: January 2011
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Explore the scenery of the CMBS land from maturing loans to defaults to new originations. Ann Hambly, a leading expert in CMBS, offers insights into the opportunities and pitfalls this treacherous landscape has to offer.

  • CMBS Defaults: what is the current default rate for CMBS and what are the projections for the future?
  • Maturing CMBS loans: how will the maturing loans be handled, especially those with high loan to value rates?
  • Equity: what happened to all the equity?
  • Special servicers: who are they, why do they call the shots and what are their drivers?
  • Restructures: what kinds of restructures are being done today for CMBS loans?
  • Opportunities: where are the key opportunities for someone with capital in today’s CMBS market?
  • Pitfalls: a quick walk through the landmine that is CMBS

Presented by: Ann Hambly, CEO / President, 1st Service Solutions