Money into Property: Liquidity Is Next Differentiator, by DTZ

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Release Date: May 2013
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Property market sentiment remained mixed, despite the improving macro outlook, according to DTZ’s 39th annual Money into Property report. Lenders were found to be more cautious than investors, while investors see buying opportunities and an improvement in the availability of debt financing.  DTZ noted that sentiment has been slow to improve due to debt-related workouts, especially in Europe.

Here is a snapshot of the report:

  • Global investment volumes were up four percent in 2012. There was a strong 15 percent growth in North America, which offset declines in both Asia Pacific and Europe. Cross-border volumes also improved and have now returned to their 2005 levels.
  • More than two thirds of markets are classified as very attractive, with less than 10 percent as unattractive. In fact, relative value of property is at its best level in eight years, due to lower bond yields and a better growth outlook.
  • Total liquidity has returned to near its 10-year average, with North America ranking at the top.