European Investors Still Favor the Continent for RE Purchases, by CBRE

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Release Date: May 2013
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Over 360 investors took part in the CBRE 2013 online survey of European Investor Intentions, drawn from across the property investment community. Overall, Europe was the most favored region for investment purchases among the 2013 survey respondents, according to Dr. Peter Damesick, chairman, EMEA Research. There was a small shift in favor of Western Europe (chosen by 43 percent of respondents) compared to the 2012 results with a slight fall in the proportion choosing Central & Eastern Europe (CEE) to 16 percent. Asia and North America were each favored by 18 percent of respondents, virtually unchanged from 2012.

The survey was designed to provide high level insights into investor sentiment and preferences with respect to regions, countries, cities, sectors and asset types and the impact of key influences on investor attitudes and activity. Comparisons with the 2012 survey results highlight some significant shifts in investor sentiment and preferences, which are likely to impact on activity for the rest of 2013. The economic environment clearly remains challenging for investors but the survey revealed a more positive tone in investor intentions for 2013 in terms of expected levels of purchasing activity and the appetite for a range of opportunities beyond prime property.