Attracting Foreign Capital and Creating Jobs through the EB-5 Program

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Release Date: January 2010
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In Orlando, Fla., and in other locations across the United States, developers are tapping into a creative program to spur foreign investment in local development projects. The EB-5 Foreign Investor Green Card Program, created by Congress in 1990, is designed to attract foreign investment, benefit the U.S. economy and create at least 10 full-time jobs per project. In return for their investment and job creation, foreign investors can qualify quickly for a permanent visa for themselves and their families. Local developer George Livingston is participating in these ventures through a Regional Center, which provides the structure to match foreign investors with relevant development projects.

In this Solutions Series program, you will find out the answers to these questions:

  • Where can you find foreign investors who are interested in the EB-5 program?
  • What specifics are they looking for in a development project?
  • What credentials does a developer need to impress these prospects?
  • What are the risks? The rewards?
  • How much does it take to get into the game?
  • Should you go it alone, or join/form a Regional Center?

Presented by: George Livingston, CIPS, chairman, NAI Realvest