The World's 10 Coolest Parking Garages, by Zipcar

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Release Date: June 2014
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Does “cool parking garage” sound like an oxymoron? Maybe that’s because most garages are boxy, unimaginative concrete structures. A March 21 post on Zipcar’s  “Ziptopia” blog offers photos and descriptions of 10 garages from around the globe — from the sci-fi-esque Autostadt in Wolfsburg, Germany, to a London car park that houses a roof bar and art gallery to a library garage in Kansas City, Missouri, that looks like a gigantic bookshelf — that “are actually really, really cool.”

Here’s the complete list:

  1. 1111 Lincoln Road, Miami, “the perfect South Beach car park: showy, glamorous, and open to the humid, Floridian air.”
  2. Peckham Multi-Storey Car Park, London, which features an art gallery and a rooftop pop-up bar.
  3. Millennium Point, Birmingham, England, which seems to glow in the dark and looks more like a stylish hotel or art museum than a garage.
  4. Miami Ballet Valet Parking Garage, Miami, whose living, plant-wreathed walls and ground-level retail space hide its basic function.
  5. Michigan Theatre, Detroit, the adaptive reuse of an opulent, historic theater with a soaring, fresco-covered ceiling, which stands on the site of Henry Ford’s original garage.
  6. Autostadt, Wolfsburg, Germany, two 16-story silos at Volkswagen’s production facility and visitor attraction featuring  giant robotic arms that transport cars from their individual parking spaces to waiting new owners at street level.
  7. Santa Monica Civic Center Parking Structure, Santa Monica, California, a colorful, LEED-certified garage featuring solar panels and electric car-charging outlets.
  8. Kansas City Library Parking Garage, Kansas City, Missouri, whose exterior resembles a shelf of 20-foot-high books.
  9. Mission Bay Block 27, San Francisco, which looks like “the parking garage equivalent of an iPhone.”
  10. Parc des Celestins, Lyon, France, a seven-story cylindrical structure with a rotating, disco ball-like mirror that casts glittering beams of light that “makes beautiful what otherwise would be mundane.”