Calamos Investments Headquarters

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Release Date: January 2006
Calamos front entrance

Fast Facts

Address: Naperville, IL
Company/Developer: Calamos Real Estate LLC
General Contractor: Power Construction Company
Property Type: Corporate Headquarters
Square Feet: 195,000 square feet
Height: 6 stories

Building Description: An innovative state-of-the-art office building that features many progressive sustainable design strategies, such as floor to ceiling glass, higher ceilings, indirect lighting and underfloor air distribution. The six-story glass exterior serves as a beacon for future development.


Calamos Real Estate LLC developed Calamos Investment’s new corporate headquarters with an eye on the future. They believe that to attract and retain knowledge-based workers, companies must provide a superior work environment. They note that younger generations who dominate the workplace of today and tomorrow embrace environmental concepts and want to align themselves with companies that share their commitment.

The 195,000-square-foot project integrates many elements into the design to accommodate future marketplace needs. Beneath its handsome cable-supported nonreflective glass exterior, its elegant lobby with stone, wood and metal finishes and its modern interior design, lie many technological features. The building includes a 3,000-square-foot data center, a network operating center with web-based control over all building and data systems, and natural gas generators capable of independently powering the entire facility.

Green Features

Sustainable Sites

  • Storm water management through a 10.1+-acre lake and wetland control of sediment, pollution and floods.
  • 30 percent of undeveloped site area landscaped with fescue grass to encourage moisture retention and reduce heat islands.
  • Light, reflective concrete on top garage deck to reduce heat islands.
  • Vegetated top deck.
  • Sedimentation and erosion control plan.
  • Management, maintenance and water quality monitoring of lake and adjacent wetlands.
boardroom in Calamos building

State-of-the-art boardroom

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Under-floor air distribution system that uses a pressurized raised floor to supply air to adjustable floor mounted swirl diffusers, allowing individual control and more than 90 percent ventilation effectiveness.
  • Indoor air quality management plan in place during construction.
  • Janitors’ closets exhausted to outside.
  • Walk-off mats installed at building entrances.
  • Ongoing preventive maintenance to ensure ventilation rates don’t exceed 10 cfm per person minimum of outside air and meet ASHRAE standards of 20 cfm per person.
  • Environmental impact cleaning policy in place.
  • No individual positioned more than 45 feet from exterior window wall allows daylight views.

Water Efficiency

  • Drought tolerant and native plants monitored by separate water meter.
  • Low-flow fixtures with sensors to reduce building water use by at least 20 percent below requirements.
trading desk in Calamos building

Trading desk operation

Energy and Atmosphere

  • Use of low-e insulated glazing units backed by automatic blinds on building envelope to control solar gain.
  • Under-floor air distribution system allows base fan systems to operate at lower pressures.
  • Control of building light systems integrated into building automation system for optimal scheduling.
  • CFC reduction in HVAC equipment through air-cooled chillers that use zero ODP refrigerant.

Materials and Resources

  • Recycling program for office and retail generated waste.