1180 Peachtree

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Release Date: January 2006
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Symphony tower at 1180 Peachtree

*2006 Green Building Award Winner*

Fast Facts

Address: Atlanta, GA
Company/Developer: Hines
Design/Builder: Pickard-Chilton Architects
Property Type: Office
Square Feet: 670,000 square feet
Height: 41 stories

Building Description: This office tower with ground floor retail has more than one acre of the site devoted to public spaces, plazas, gardens and seating areas adjacent to the city’s largest public park. The exterior finishes include articulated metal and glass curtain walls, 10-foot floor-to-ceiling glass on all office floors and up to 40-foot glass walls in the lobbies.


Located within walking distance to a wide amenity base of hotels, restaurants, fine arts venues and Piedmont Park, 1180 Peachtree was the first high-rise office building in the world to earn pre-certified Silver status in the LEED Core and Shell Development program while still under construction. The building has since been certified at the Gold level.

Office tenants enjoy superior access to major arteries (I-75/I-85, Peachtree Street, 14th Street) and public transit via the Arts Center MARTA station located one block north. The building is 66 percent leased by law firm King & Spalding, features two upscale restaurants, high-end retail and seating areas adjacent to the new Symphony Hall.

Green Features

Sustainable Sites

  • Changing rooms equipped with showering facilities and bicycle storage facilities in a prominent location easily accessible for cyclists.
  • A storm water management design that includes a storage/retention/detention vault and a 50 percent vegetated roof.
  • Chemical use areas and copy room have been physically separated with deck-todeck partitions.
  • In spaces where water and chemical concentrate mixing occurs, drains are plumbed for environmentally appropriate disposal of liquid waste.
  • A high efficiency variable flow chiller plant, outdoor air pre-conditioning units with heat recovery and high efficiency variable speed motors on the air handling units and the series fan-powered boxes.
  • Chillers have real-time monitoring to assure optimal performance and efficiency of each chiller per their design standards.
  • Special structure to accommodate tree “troughs” that are 4’ deep, 5’ wide and 30’ long with a 2’ deep horizontal zone between the troughs to allow tree roots to grow horizontally and vertically with minimal confinement.
  • A 50,000+ gallon tank that collects and stores both stormwater and condensation from the HVAC system, resulting in a 50 percent net decrease of storm water runoff from this site.
  • Water treatment equipment and program incorporates corrosion coupon racks to identify any corrosive environment within the piping.
  • Outside air system filters the air with high efficiency electronic air filtration.
  • Customized air handling units have stainless steel coil supports and condensation pans to eliminate corrosion for added life expectancy, reduced maintenance costs and improved air quality standards.
  • UVc emitters that kill mold and bacteria in the air stream and keep the coil system clean were utilized, thereby reducing maintenance costs.
fountains at 1180 Peachtree

Lobby fountains

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Zero exposure of non-smokers to environmental tobacco smoke.
  • A carbon dioxide monitoring system capable of measuring CO2 differentials for all types of occupancy.
  • All carpet systems meet or exceed the current Carpet and Rug Institute’s Green Label Indoor Air Quality Test Program requirements.
  • Building occupants in 90 percent of regularly occupied spaces will have direct site lines to perimeter glazing.
  • Minimum daylight factor of 2 percent (excluding all direct sunlight penetration) in 75 percent of all space occupied for critical visual tasks.

Water Efficiency

  • Fluid velocities in piping have been designed to minimize friction loss (thereby reducing horsepower requirements) and to minimize erosion of the piping inner wall (thereby extending the service life of the piping systems, coils and chillers).

Energy and Atmosphere

  • High-end automatic filter washing system has been incorporated on the outside air units, eliminating the requirement to change out filter media.

Innovation and Design Process

  • Implementation of Hines’ standard maintenance practices that are managed via a customized preventive maintenance and work order system called AWARE. Proper access and installation of the equipment was taken into account during the design process.
  • Tenant design manual provided to tenant prospects educating them on LEED efforts of the base building core and shell; LEED points achievable to tenants as a result of the base building LEED efforts; numerous links to Web sites offering more information on a variety of sustainable subjects; specifications on a wide variety of materials typically used in interior projects such as drywall, carpet, wall and floor coverings, lighting, etc.
  • Photo documentary of the construction of tree troughs will chart and record tree growth over several years to assist Trees Atlanta, the City of Atlanta’s Arborist and Midtown Allianc in establishing a best management practice for the planting and care of trees on site.

Return on Investment Analysis

  • Annual operating cost savings of $500,000 minimum.
  • Payback of three-five years, based on conservative energy savings projections.