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Talent Realities: Finding and Developing Your Firm’s Next Leaders

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Release Date: June 2012
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"America's Aging Workforce" authors Sarah Sladek and Bob LeBombard named real estate as one of the country's four fastest aging industries. Generation X, next on the ladder, but unseasoned and stuck in middle management waiting for the Boomers to retire, is not large enough to fill all those top-level spots. With economic recovery now in sight, where will your company find the talent to replace your retiring senior professionals and re-accelerate?

In this Solutions Series program, originally given to the NAIOP Industry Trends Task Force, NAIOP vice president Sheila Vertino will share concrete examples of how you can attract, evaluate, develop and retain young talent to become the leaders of tomorrow at your company.

Presented by: Sheila Vertino, Vice President, Information and Research, NAIOP