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Winning in the New World of CRE with Antony Slumbers

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Event: FlexOffice Conference, September 12-14, 2018, in Austin, Texas
Release Date: September 2018
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FlexOffice 2018

Join us for an illuminating keynote by Antony Slumbers, a former property developer, entrepreneur and consultant with a restless passion for innovation. Slumbers brings a unique perspective, drawing on his diverse experience in commercial real estate (developing residential and mixed-use properties), art (he was a European art dealer) and technology (designing, coding and selling several websites) to illustrate the exciting challenges and opportunities on the horizon.

Slumbers will discuss the changing nature of work and megatrends in technology, explaining how they impact demand and occupier expectations. What will future CRE business models look like, and how will office buildings and campuses be configured and designed to fit the consumerization of work? He’ll share how the role of a landlord is changing (data scientist, curator, engineer and how might they develop partnerships to establish these competencies. Learn how to use design thinking to deliver a better product to customers, and generate higher income through better utilization and customer experience.

Antony Slumbers, People, Property & PropTech - Innovation in Real Estate

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