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Convert More Tour Attendees into Members!

File Type: Conference session
Event: FlexOffice Conference, September 12-14, 2018, in Austin, Texas
Release Date: September 2018
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FlexOffice 2018

Are you performing tours of your space, but not converting many of those tour attendees into members? Your sales process may be to blame. Join Cassi Niekamp from Cultivate Advisors as she breaks down a needs-based sales strategy, and shares why you may be missing out on gaining potential new members. Learn how to shift the paradigm to convert more members in less time and give both parties what they need. By focusing on a needs-based sales strategy, you get to the heart of your future member much quicker. You’ll be closing deals left and right!

Cassi Niekamp, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Cultivate Advisors

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