U.S. EPA Issues Information Request

File Type: Article
Release Date: February 2013
Washington DC Capitol Dome

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently published an information request in the Federal Register pertaining to a potential new rule regarding the renovation, repair and painting activities on and in public and commercial buildings. The agency is trying to determine if lead-based paint hazards exist in these building types. If EPA finds that there is a health risk related to these activities, they will develop certification, training, and work practice requirements under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).

EPA’s notice requests information concerning:

(1) The manufacture, sale, and uses of lead-based paint after 1978.

(2) The use of lead-based paint in and on public and commercial buildings.

(3)  The frequency and extent of renovations on public and commercial buildings.

(4)  Work practices used in renovation of public and commercial buildings.

(5)  Dust generation and transportation from exterior and interior renovations of public and commercial buildings. 

NAIOP, along with a coalition of real estate interests, is working with EPA to provide the agency with the data they need to determine if there is enough cause to go forward with this rule. To compile that information, we have created a short questionnaire and are asking NAIOP members to participate. No personal information will be recorded or shared with EPA and we will combine all of the information collected with that of other real estate groups and send in an aggregate of the data collected on behalf of the entire industry. To the extent that you do not have information for all of the questions in the survey, please fill in only those items where you have information.

You can access the survey by clicking here:

Please complete the information survey by Wednesday, February 20. If you have any questions, please contact John Bryant at