Basic Real Estate Finance On-demand

Basic Real Estate Finance

Basic Real Estate Finance

Basic Real Estate Finance is designed to provide entry level professionals with the skills necessary to analyze the financial feasibility of real estate investment opportunities. It provides a step-by-step approach for completing a financial feasibility analysis. Students will become more familiar with real estate market participants, valuation fundamentals, determinants of real estate returns, the impact of leverage on real estate investments, and interactions between the real estate space market and the capital market. This course is ideal for developers, asset managers and owners who have very little financial analysis experience. It will therefore emphasize fundamentals and will not delve into more complex issues that are covered in NAIOP's Advanced Real Estate Finance course.

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Lesson Plans

Module 1

Introduction to Space Markets and Capital Markets

This session focuses on the relationship between the space market and the capital market, which will be used as a framework for the entire course. We'll also discuss why real estate is a unique asset class and identify major property types and classifications along with key real estate investors. In addition, this session will introduce the four quadrants of the capital market, discuss investment strategies and examine historic real estate returns.

Module 2

Real Estate Valuation Using Direct Capitalization

This section will focus on the basic structure of a real estate operating statement and how capitalization rates are used in conjunction with the operating statement to derive an estimate of value.

Module 3

Real Estate Valuation Using Discounted Cash Flow Analysis

In this section, we will differentiate discounted cash flow analysis from direct capitalization when the technique is presented to provide students with a clear understanding of the relationship between the two approaches to valuation.

Module 4

Real Estate Leases

This section will cover the legal aspects of real estate leases and focus on how each type of lease structure influences cash flow/value.

Module 5

Determinants of Real Estate Returns

Capitalization rates and discount rates will be broken down into their component parts to help students estimate potential changes in the rates over time.

Module 6

Introduction to Debt Financing

This session will emphasize mortgage terminology and basic skills such as calculating mortgage payments and balances in this module. We'll also discuss the relationship between leverage and investment risk.

Module 7

Leveraged Real Estate Investments

Leverage is incorporated into the reconstructed operating statement in this section to analyze the financial performance of a real estate investment.

Module 8

Analyzing Debt Financing Options

We'll discuss the skills necessary to estimate the maximum loan amount a property will support and to choose between financing options with different terms.

Education Credits

Education Credits

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Basic Real Estate Finance is approved for the following Education Credit:
16 hours credit toward either the Certificate of Advanced Study in Commercial Real Estate Development or the Certificate of Advanced Study in Real Estate Finance.

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16 AIA/CES Learning Units
16 Professional Development Hours (PDH)
1.6 Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives

  • Defining "space markets" and "capital markets"
  • Identifying the four quadrants of the capital market
  • Developing an operating statement
  • Understanding capitalization rates
  • Differentiating capitalization rates from total yield
  • Defining and calculating net present value (NPV)
  • Defining and calculating unlevered internal rate of return (RR)
  • Differentiating between gross leases and net leases
  • Incorporating tenant reimbursements into the operating statement
  • Identifying the factors that cause capitalization rates and discount rates to change over time
  • Identifying sources of discount rate and capitalization rate data
  • Examining the relationship between leverage and risk
  • Calculating loan payments and loan balance

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Tuition & Register

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