Amplify Your NAIOP Experience with the National Forums

Deadline to apply for the National Forums program is Friday, January 20.

NAIOP's National Forums program brings together experienced commercial real estate professionals from across North America for candid small-group discussions to conceive new ideas, find creative solutions and share industry wisdom. 

Application deadline: Submit your application by January 20, 2017, for consideration.

There is a Forum to match your business area of interest and new Forum concepts are frequently considered. National Forums meet twice per year. The next meetings are held at the National Forums Symposium 2017, April 24-27, 2017, in Indian Wells, California.

Forum benefits:

  • Take advantage of a structured and focused way to meet the right people.
  • Gain from the experience and vision of a close network of peers.
  • Expand your thinking with new ideas from across the United States and Canada.
  • Get to know people well, in a small group format, where everyone feels welcome exchanging information.
  • Continue to exchange information and network throughout the year, by participating in the National Forum email listservs, open only to Forum members.
  • Access an online photo directory of all National Forum members, with each member's personal background information.

For additional information: Visit or contact:
Bennett Gray, Vice President     
703-904-7100 |

Susan Bornt, Administrator
703-904-7100 |