Research in Progress

CRE Terms and Definitions
(Release Date: April 2017)

Maria Sicola
Data Integrity Solutions

This document, last published in 2012, will be updated to reflect new concepts and terminology relating to commercial real estate. Previous sections on development, leasing, and operation of office and industrial properties will be updated and new sections on e-commerce, retail and investment sales will be added.

Suburban Office Parks Case Studies
(Release Date: May 2017)

Daniel Shoag, Ph.D.
John F. Kennedy School of Government
Harvard University

Using a case study approach, this project will examine low-density suburban office parks that have been modified to increase their values by adding density, mixing uses, increasing amenities, etc. Design, uses, approvals, financing will all be explored.

Beacons and Sensors in CRE
(Release Date: July 2017)

Grant Ian Thrall
David F. Miller Retail Center
University of Florida

This study will explore the increasing use of beacons and sensors in commercial real estate. It will examine what places and product types currently contain them, and consider whether and how their use may expand in the future.

Activating Office Building Common Areas
(Release Date: September 2017)

Richard Peiser, Ph.D. and Ray Torto, Ph.D.
Harvard Graduate School of Design
Harvard University

This study will examine the emerging concept of activating common areas in office buildings, through the provision of building-level amenities and programming. It will also look at the role of co-working as a building amenity. Through surveys and interviews, the study will examine the activities, designs, costs, and more associated with creating vibrant communities inside office buildings.

Mapping Capital Flows to and through the CRE Industry
(Release Date: October 2017)

David Funk, Ph.D.
Marshall Bennett Institute of Real Estate
Roosevelt University

This study will map capital flows to and through U.S. real estate assets. It will examine debt and equity sources and determine how much capital is being channeled toward office, industrial, retail and residential real estate.